Conversion Counts Notifications
Conversion count shows how many people have viewed or converted on your website in last 24 hours.

Types of Conversion count notifications
There are two types of conversion count notifications that you can choose from

1. Visitors
This options shows the number of people that have visited your website in last 24 hours

2. Conversions
It shows how many people have signed up on your website in the last 24 hours.

How to set up
Edit campaign or create a new campaign
Go to notifications
Select conversion count

Customisation options

To customise select customisation on conversion count card
A window pan will open

Choose visitors or conversions
You can either display visitors or conversions in the last 24 hours

No loop notifications

Conversion count notifications loop indefinitely. You can this toggle it to show only once per page load.

Display visitors for entire domain
In customisation you have an option to display visitors for entire domain. By default Cavako will show visitors of only the display url.

Next Step?
You can increase your conversions by choosing more than one type of notification. Choose your notifications from types of notifications
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