Conversion Cards
Create your own customised message and call to action

You can trigger these cards to open when user takes any of these actions
Clicks: Clicks on another notification
Exits: Tries to close the window
Scrolls: Scroll downs to a certain point
Timer: Has been on the page for a certain period of time

How to setup conversion cards?
Ensure that the latest Cavako pixel is installed on your website before setting up a conversion card

Edit a campaign
1. Login to your Cavako account
Go to campaigns
Create a new campaign or edit an existing campaign
2. Select conversion card and click customise
Go to notifications
Select Conversion card
Click customise and a window will appear

Create custom message
Write the customised message in the message section that will visitors more information about the call to action

Create call to action
In the button section insert the URL of the page you want to take your visitors to go to

The intercom chat option will allow you start a conversation with your visitors

Choose a trigger
You can select any of the following triggers that will active the card conversion
When the visitors clicks on another notification
When the visitor tries to exit the window
When scrolls down the page till a certain point
Has been on the page for a certain amount of time

Save and Launch campaign
Click the save button
Complete the third step capture data and the fourth step display on site
Launch your campaign

Additional Customisations
Upload a custom Image
You can upload a custom image on your conversion card. The image needs to be square and less than 100 KB.

Why are my triggers not activating the card?
This might be because the triggers are activated one time per session. This could be the reason that your intent trigger might not be working. To check your triggers you can use an incognito or private browser or clear cache memory of your browser.

Can I change the colour of call to action button?
No, you can’t change the colour of the call to action button at the moment.

Can I trigger chat app with conversion card?
Yes, you can set up conversion cards to open intercom chat window.
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